XYZ, or, the most intense thought to be posted to date.

Synthetic Journal

These are my own un-edited, un-counseled, thoughts. I implore you to feel these next few paragraphs not in a sense of pity or sympathy (if such emotions should come to you), but more that I have specifically chosen each word to aid self-understanding and contemplation. There is no remorse, or ‘what-if’ word selected to trigger a negative response on purpose.


I write the below summary to prove to myself that one: you don’t need any physical/emotional-altered sense of sobriety to write how you feel, and two: maybe someone else needs to hear these words.

“When you were born, the doctors didn’t know if you were a boy or a girl”.

I first heard these words when I was in my early-teens, around 13 or 14. At the time, the implication didn’t fully sink in. I thought maybe the physical process of birth (a wonderfully disgusting natural process of blood…

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One thought on “XYZ, or, the most intense thought to be posted to date.

  1. Amazing article . I always wondering why would god create Adam and Eve ,does it meant to be different ? although it has nothing to do with this article , but what I wanted to say is girl, nor only girls , but any person have the rights to choose what they want to be, live the way as they wish

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