I wrote this thing

You can read it if you want. I guess.


3 thoughts on “I wrote this thing

  1. I guess I did want to read it. I did have the thought that there are urologists; however, men usually only go to see them when something is seriously wrong (testicular torsion hoorah!). There’s a lot of food for thought in your post. As I get older I meet more and more people who have a basic mistrust of doctors in general, so it follows that it would be incredibly difficult to forge a productive relationship with a gynecologist, even when it really is in your best interest. Still mentally masticating…

    • Thanks for the read. Yes, there are urologists, and the fact that men only see doctors in extreme cases is not a good thing either. I can’t speak for the experiences of men and their doctor’s, but I can speak for myself as someone who values sexual health: regardless of gender or sex, you need to speak to your doctor on a regular basis. You need to understand how to prevent or decrease your sexual health risks. We owe this to ourselves and our partners. Happy chewing!

  2. Wow.

    So I came back to leave a few random thoughts and stumbled into a wonderful plethora of personal journal making in this day and age of the internet (all glory to the hive mind!) and now I feel like maybe I’m being insensitive by writing this comment but here it goes…

    1.) I watched “Rosemary’s Baby” for the 1st time right after reading your post and couldn’t help but see some relevance. The fact that Rosemary, for not a second, links her wealthy benefactor’s recommended doctor with their ideology was infuriating but enticing as discussion material.

    2.) I read this thing:


    and I don’t know, I’m kind of stupid, so I’m not interested in what I think of it, but I am interested in what intelligent people think about it, and, you being an intelligent person, etc., etc.

    Oddly enough I read that “All My Exes Live in Texts” piece before returning here. Je ne sais pas, mais, I think that one of that great fallacies of this information age is our tendency to declare our experiences as fundamentally different from the perceived differences of our inherited history. That’s not to say that the medium hasn’t changed, or that the experience isn’t different, but rather that the emotions, thoughts, and feelings are archaic. Of course, I say this as someone with very limited social media presence, and am, in general, an insane person most people don’t like, regardless of our level of interaction. Which is actually kind of fun.

    I have this impulse to say something cheery like “keep your chin up” or something.

    Instead I’m going with “suck it up buttercup.”

    This is coming from an insane person, admittedly, but you’re kind of awesome.

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