Evil United

Written by CJ Hunt (@ceejhunt)
Design by Saskia Leggett (@leggettweets)


Though we typically despise anything “feminist” in nature or anything promoting the progress of women in the world, this post by the feminist publication Bitch Magazine recently caught our eye.  In it, the rash and hysterical writer Kelsey Wallace criticizes a company for co-opting progressive female icons to sell feminine hygiene products like Frida Kahlo Hair Removal Cream and Mae West Vaginal Moisturizer.  With “awful” products like this, the harebrained author asks: what is next?

We at EvilUnited.org have made this post to answer that question.
As proponents of Evil, we take pleasure in manufacturing products designed to make women feel bad about the natural state of their bodies.  Even more thrilling is when we can co-opt the legacy of a feminist hero in order to sell such products.  Inspired, we have set up a new…

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