Mother’s Day

I get weird about holidays about celebrating an important figure in your life, like Moms, because it kind of implies that you don’t do that any other day of the year. Ok, not kind of. It just does. Same thing with Women’s History Month. But that’s another post with even more things that annoy me along with the fact that health insurance is more expensive for women, that pregnancy is considered a pre-existing condition, that so many women die from complications with their pregnancy. Fucking Kansas or the “Welcome Ladies! You might as well lock yourself in a room or die!” State.

But, just real quick before I go cook up salmon for my Mamita.

If you care about women, about you mother, any mother, about the people responisble for that whole birth thing fight for choice.

Here are a few reasons I love my mom:

She raised me as a feminist and let me grow up to be a feminist with lots of views, even if we disagreed on a few points.

She made sure I understood that there’s nothing better than being yourself.

She taught me two languages and she loved my awesome Dad and my sister and me and herself.


She worked really hard to teach me that it’s ok to tell people to stay the fuck out of your bubble.

She and my Dad made us aware of the intersections of all structures. And how that’s something we need to fight daily. We need to see each Other and not just focus on the narratives of the dominant who are constructed as invisible, or on the visibility of only a slice of the voiceless, and not just acknowledge one aspect of a scary ideological machine.

I love my mom and all of the other mothers I’ve been around. But what I really really love is being raised where I always knew that I had a choice about my body. And I don’t want to have a child, a daughter, who is not going to have that growing up, when she grows up, and when or if she decides to be a mom.



P.S. need to create a cool card for your feminist mom?


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