Over at Coffee Cup Manifestos

There’s some vamp talkin’ goin. I just put up some stuff on bratty vampires in Buffy. Here’s a snipet:

“I just want to say that when I figured out that James Marsters was in fact, not English, a small part of me just died. It just  dragged itself into a bed, curled up, and died. But that’s not what this post is going to be about.

This is about how, for lack of a better word Spike is a total brat. This is perhaps because he’s a punk, or something rebellious. But really, the dude’s a twerp. And you know what else? Drusilla is more than a bat-shit crazy vampire and fetish object. She’s a scary child. Like, a scary brat child with high-functioning autism and mean streak.”

Interested in reading more? Git sum Coffee!

Also: The Rhetoric of Stalking ( Why We Love It!) by EE. So good!



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