I know it’s trivial to talk Facebook, but i got the bug.

  • A friend posted this:
    and i jumped and said:
    Alheli Harvey i really hate this idea that bodies need to be “corrected” into a “proper” gender. i understand that they can do a myriad of screenings to figure out chromosomes and the like but xxy an xyy, xyyy, 0y,0x exist (usually manifested as things like turner’s syndrome and other such genetic rarities*)

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  • Alheli Harvey ‎* i don’t want to imply that these are variations from the “normal.” the “normal” itself is a series of mutations, and we know this. but yes, there are variations in the x/y combo…. but still. this kind of screening, although it may be done to make the “best” decision is the underpinning of surgical procedure that is geared towards this idea of “correcting.” Implying? that there is something inherently wrong about an individual’s body and visual biological gender cues…. we could easily go on… there’s something really wrong about this “correct gender” asiginment shit and the only time it’s ever blatantly discussed it when when you have some baby born and there’s something ambiguous about the sacred distinction of their privates. really, how is it that our ‘privates’ are so public? ex: history, sexism, etc. so arbitrary, yet such a social anxiety. if one is born this way then you are an “innocent”, a “freak of nature” or perhaps, in some circles ” the product of sin and a re thus punished.” if not? then you’re probably just reduced into the later. CONFUSION, not cool… still… “correcting”? gross rhetoric there.

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