Monthly Dose of Schadenfreude.

Because this happened:


I understand that the viral Kony 2012 stuff is about “raising awareness” and that means you spend alot of money. I don’t get how you pay a CEO of a nonprofit/charity organization. That makes no sense to me. Also: colonialism is not so great, and taking the bad guy out is not going to solve the larger issue. Also: white people charity. It’s not that you don’t think people in other countries can’t empower themselves, it’s that you don’t even question the historical legacy and current global situations that make it difficult for marginalized and oppressed peoples. That’s the huge problem. 

Ok, I’m not going to add too much more to elaboration of why this organization is problematic. There are blogs dedicated to that. I will also not deny that raising awareness is a good thing or that Kony is seriously one of the worst people in ever. I just don’t know if you’re raising awareness about the stuff we aren’t aware of already. 



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