International Women’s Day: It’s Not Just About “Women”

Ladies, today we must make a conscious effort to continually educate ourselves, to auto-critique our social surroundings in a fervent effort to push the limits of what we accept as “truth,” and to resist any attempts to have our voices spoken for or pushed to unheard margins.
While today is International Women’s Day we must remember that above all today is about inclusion; inclusion and strength amongst women, but more broadly, amongst all genders. We must consider that perhaps a way that we as a culture, as a society, as a global community can inspire girls positively, is to resist the gender binary that places us as either “girls” or “boys” so that our identities, our signifiers, our means of categorizing one another with our language becomes more expansive and open to intersectionalities and a multitude of possibilities. For if we have learned anything from our continued growth in history, it’s that being a “girl” means that we can be anything and at all.


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