I asked M.I.A a question. Hopefully she’ll answer it.

So, Noisey (basically Vice magazine’s music affiliated project thing) just launched its own youtube channel and premiered M.I.A’s new video. She’ll be answering the good questions on Friday, Feb. 10. I agree with the Noisey Staff that the video looks like “…like if 2 Fast 2 Furious had been shot in the Middle East. Seriously, how many videos have you seen lately that focus on criminal Saudi drag racing?” But that’s all. LOOKS LIKE.

Here’s the video, directed by Romain Gavras (French dude and Creator!)

Here’s my question:

“How would you respond to the potential Orientalism of this music video?
I do like the fact that men in the video act as passive overseers and that we see active women which is a reversal of what is usually presented in music videos. I’m also wondering about the “hands up, hands tied” bit– is it the bad girls who are in a sense, bound by normative culture and who will “live fast and die young” or is it normative culture that will be taken out with a bang?”

There’s tons of stuff going on in this video, but those are my two main questions.

I also have a question about the whole ” Bad Girls live fast die, young, they do it well” part. It makes me think of this Sylvia Plath poem. It also makes me think that in a way, girls are punished for enacting agency or “badness” and that doesn’t sit well with me. Let’s leave that to the blamers.

I don’t know if she’ll answer it, but maybe you can. Let’s generate some discussion.


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