People are awesome.

1. this girl if thirteen and understands why slut-shaming is wrong.


what youtube doesn’t understand is how to show related videos.

2. ok, so…feminist ryan gosling (if you do not know this, google, then thank me later) is probably/will be one of my favorite things from 2011. it is so good. so is this:

let’s combine everything that is cool about global social movements, memes, and third wave feminism!

3. boyfriend gets compliments on his mustache 3-4 times a day. i get compliments 3-4 times a day by association…not really, but i’m in a super good mood, so why not?

4. signed up for a graduate course on DAVID LYNCH. I tried to find the animated video that Sasha Ciezata made in 2010 with his iphone that was set to Lych talking about George Lucas asking him if he wanted to possibly direct “Return of the Jedi” but instead I found this:

watch it…and if you didn’t oppose SOPA and PIPA yet, you will now…and general copyright law in general.

5. Note to self: please develop an opinion on experimental literature that is solid. you can start here:

have a good day!


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