Don’t you dare even tell me that dude butt doesn’t matter.

First off: Not that I get much traffic to begin with, but sorry it’s been forever since I’ve written anything not school related.

Second, but more importantly: Ages ago, like a moth or so, at a party at my own house I was presented with this notion: “Dude butts don’t mater.” Excuse me, but as a female who considers herself an agent of her own libidinal desires, how dare someone tell me what I am or am not into? I know this is sounding really self righteous right now, but bear with me. Dude butts matter. That matter a lot, and not just to me. Lady butts are not the only asses that can be admired. Women do not hold down the cornerstone of hot ass.  There is nothing quite as exciting for a small town gaggle of girls as a dude with a nice caboose. Seriously. Maybe a free pack of whatevers, but that’s not universal.  Boys, flattery won’t get you far, but a firm tuchus will get you places.


more on this latter.


3 thoughts on “Don’t you dare even tell me that dude butt doesn’t matter.

    • I could hardly be considered an expert, however, the flattery is welcome here. I agree that such a tuchus is exceptional in some way, whether you’re a straight man or not, or whether or not I have the vague anxiety that you may be my new employer. That being set aside, the thing that bothers me about much of that list you provided is that it’s not really what I would consider about “ass.” Most of that list is dedicated to what appears to be soft-core porn that paints the male body as a hard body and a focus on an immplied (or actual, either way) large penis in the tight underwear. Much in the same way that women’s breasts become the focal point…and that exceptional #6 reminds me of the way women are usually photographed. But when I say that dude butt matters (because it does) all is exceptional in some way. I just don’t like being told that my desire/love of dude butt is less valid than say…love of women’s butts (which are like–!!! So cool!). I’m just more of a #8-9 kind of person. Thank you for the link!

      • OMG. If you look at that picture that butt is sooooo ‘shopped. like, that’s just not anatomically possible.

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