The developing nature of interface communications

Is the only place where you can maintain a conversation that revolves around “the body”, and by that, I mean objectified body (ex: breasts) and be completely shameless in the blatant fixation and desire to witness their exposure the internet? What does this say for modern relationships? Or is it simply that the anonymity of online communities and unspoken, but very obvious agendas, lend themselves to enable users to either expose or experience via video link-ups? Frankly, I don’t know how to feel about randomized internet conversations. Most of the time, it’s usually dudes masturbating violently in front of their cameras, as if that ever got anyone off. And then there’s the vast community of what seems like incredibly lonely, and bored people. Mostly what looks like young college kids stoned or drunk out of their minds, just looking for something to put off homework that isn’t facebook. And for some reason, by very merit of owning a camera and computer with internet access, this means full authority to ask to see a woman’s breasts. Cute, but something that seems to be unique to the internet. I’ve never had anyone ask to see my breasts if  I’m at the pool, walking around my house in a robe, the library, at coffee, etc.

But I’m wondering, does anybody actually go into these sites with a specific intention that isn’t to see breasts or masturbate violently? For instance, does anyone go into one of these sites thinking or hoping that they will “find someone”?

… because that could really, really suck.


One thought on “The developing nature of interface communications

  1. i’m young, stoned, and drunk

    all i want is to masturbate


    to breasts.

    eat that.



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