Pearls never felt so dirty

Is it bad that I kind of want this necklace? I’ve never considered myself a freak, in fact, far from that. But I have always considered myself to have an exceptional sense of humor.


"Girl with a Pearl Necklace"


I really do! LeahPiepgras is the creative genius behind this thing. Massachusetts is officially my new favorite state. However, for something that is made out of sterling silver and has no actual pearls besides its handcrafted artistry and comedic value, it might as well be made out of mother of pearl and swarovskis.

check it out:



One thought on “Pearls never felt so dirty

  1. ehhh herro…
    my only means of faceless electronic interwebz communication with you.

    soo, the pearl necklace you were speaking of.
    uhhhh yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..

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